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IABM offers a comprehensive portfolio of quantitative and qualitative reports to help you track technology and business trends together with financial performance across broadcast and media.

IABM research can be used for:

  • Trendspotting - Identify key trends in the market
  • Benchmarking  -  Benchmark your company against your peers
  • M&A - Backing up claims when selling or evaluating prospects when buying

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“The broadcast market is going through seismic changes. As a manufacturer with long R&D cycles we are constantly planning at least five years in the future, so it’s important to have information we can trust. The IABM’s Strategic Industry Analysis Special Reports are a vital part of our research and a fantastic free resource which helps us develop products which will play well in tomorrow’s technologies

"I don’t enter any internal strategic planning session or roadmap discussion without first spending a few hours reviewing the latest reports and even past reports to extract trends. Our board of directors are also very familiar with your reports as we often cite the IABM analysis."



In this period of intense change, understanding market dynamics is essential to make informed decisions about your business.


Conducting market research and monitoring industry trends is very time-consuming and having someone else doing it enables you to focus on your core business.


An in-depth understanding of the market gives a real competitive advantage in making decisions, from new product development to marketing campaigns and geographical expansion.

“We usually rely on IABM reports on the industry trends (buying, supply and regional) to have a better understanding of how the market is evolving, from a commercially and strategic point of view. Furthermore, in terms of Marketing, these reports are also extremely useful for us, because they essentially serve as a source of inspiration when it comes to creating useful content for our prospects and clients. In essence, these reports help us to have a better understanding of what the market is demanding and which challenges it is facing, so that we can better address those needs or requests through our content strategy.”


Principal Research

Tracking supply and buying trends in media technology.

Media Tech Trends

Tracking emerging technology adoption & deployment.

Regional Research

Tracking regional media developments across the world.


Business Leaders

Detailed reports help you make informed strategic business decisions.


Drive markeing campaigns that better target your customers' needs


Extract sales leads and data to better target your customers' needs

Product Development

Drive product development decisions with actionable data on buying trends and requirements.


Biannually tracks financial performance and trends in the media sector to enable companies to track their customers' performance and keep up with emerging trends in media technology demand.

Biannually tracks financial performance and trends in the media technology sector to enable companies to benchmark their own performance within the industry and track emerging trends in the supply side of media technology.

These reports annually track the adoption of specific emerging technologies within the broadcast and media sector (such as AI, Immersive Experiences, Blockchain and Cloud). They enable companies to better understand the drivers of adoption within customer organizations.

Tracking regional specific developments with detailed analysis on key global markets covering the financial side along with key trends within that specific area.


Essential reading from the experienced and trusted reporting experts

The IABM DC Global Market Valuation and Strategy Report is widely considered the definitive reference for market segmentation and sizing in media technology given the direct participation of technology suppliers and service providers.

“In an industry where the change of pace has accelerated exponentially in recent years, the IABM’s Strategic Industry Analysis is essential reading for any video industry professional who wants to truly understand how to respond to business and technology demands. As a solution provider, we leverages data from these analyses to make strategic decisions and respond to market changes. I religiously read and often refer back to every edition of the IABM’s Strategic Industry Analysis, as it allows me to observe important trends amongst broadcasters and providers”.


The IABM Business Intelligence Quarterly Digest provides IABM members with a varied range of business information about the broadcast and media industry and the wider global economy in a ‘digestible’ way. The analysis contained in the report is undertaken by IABM’s Lead Research Analyst Lorenzo Zanni.

The purpose of these reports is to enable member companies to keep up with the latest developments in our industry by presenting otherwise scattered information in an orderly and relevant manner.


IABM’s extensive business intelligence service is greatly valued by the industry and consists of 3 key team members who have world class knowledge and experience. Based in Luxembourg, our Insight & Analysis team speak more than 7 languages between them and bring a passion for converting data into stories.

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Lorenzo Zanni

Head of Insight & Analysis

A graduate of Pisa, Durham and Swansea Universities, Lorenzo holds a BSc in Economics and Management and an MSc in Business Economics.

Over the last three years, Lorenzo has been responsible for growing IABM’s Business Intelligence portfolio into the authoritative, widely referenced, industry resource it is today.

Lorenzo’s research is widely quoted in international industry publications and conferences, including IBC365. He has also presented at shows and conferences around the world. 

Riikka Koponen

Principal Analyst

Riikka is a graduate of Helsinki School of Economics, Finland’s top business school.

She also studied Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University in Shanghai, and is a fluent Finnish, English, French and Mandarin speaker.

Since graduating, Riikka has held a number of market analyst roles, including Head of Research at a leading business advisory service in Shanghai, and most recently was Business Intelligence Manager at B Medical Systems in Luxembourg.

Olga Nevinchana

Senior Analyst

Olga is a graduate of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the oldest university of Ukraine, and holds an MSc in Sociology. Passionate about the use of consumer and market data, Olga has held a number of analyst roles in research agencies, big FMCG companies and an e-mobility start-up in Ukraine, Switzerland and Luxembourg.