Charting the Course through Media Technology and Business Transformation

The Adapt for Change Report aims to identify major drivers of change in media technology business models including the move to next-generation content chains, flexible technology business models and collaborative technology business models. The primary purpose of this report is to enable companies to understand the effects of these changes on their businesses to transform these into opportunities. Also, this report aims to give broadcast and media organizations a framework for best practice in content chain management and technology business models.

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Report Content

Executive Summary
Next-Generation Content Chains

A Framework for BaM Content Chain Maturity™

Major Objectives of Next-Generation Content Chains

  • From objectives to layers and dimensions
  • Different layers and dimensions are interconnected
  • Relevance to broadcast and media organizations and technology suppliers

Dimensions of BaM Content Chain Maturity™

  • Gather
  • Analyze
  • Predict
  • Optimize
  • Automate
  • Access
  • Govern
  • Development of Dimensions

BaM Content Chain Maturity™ Steps
Buyer Segmentation

Media Technology Business Transformation

Flexible Technology Business Models

Buy-side Demand for Flexibility

  • An inevitable transition
  • Financial flexibility is the origin of the transition
  • However, it is not just about financial flexibility

Transition to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offerings

  • SaaS is happening
  • SaaS changes everything
  • Financial paradigm shift
  • Technology provision becomes agile
  • Customer engagement becomes continuous
  • Data becomes an essential asset

Collaborative Technology Business Models

Buy-side Demand for Collaboration

  • Long-term partnerships driven by business, not technology
  • Customization is key
  • Small is beautiful

Build-it-yourself (BIY) Trends

  • Large and developed companies are more inclined to invest in BIY
  • Customization, speed and control drive BIY
  • Spiralling costs are a major hurdle
  • BIY is focusing on the Manage part of the BaM Content Chain®
  • BIY is focusing on the frontend of technology solutions 
  • Is BIY a cyclical or structural trend?
  • Opportunities for media technology suppliers

The Cloud Ecosystem

  • Buyers’ cloud adoption is rising
  • Supply-side partnerships with cloud providers are rising
  • Co-development projects with buyers are rising
  • Cloud service providers’ investment in the media industry is rising
  • The partner ecosystems
  • Buyers’ strong preference for multi-cloud provides challenges and opportunities