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With everything locked down, how can you get the vital information you need to do your job and keep ahead of the game?

The IABM Virtual World fills the gap for you. Everything you need is at your fingertips. All the products. All the knowledge. All the events. All the discussions. And a community of like-minded professionals to get the advice and support you need too.

IABM has been working closely with broadcasters and media company partners around the world for many years. For example, our regular Technology Trends and Special reports are built on the information you give us, and we know are highly valued in your business planning. 

A platform to engage and network with the wider industry through: 

  • Panel discussions and fireside chats
  • One to one IABM TV Interviews
  • A community of fellow Global Engaged Partners sharing ideas

By signing up, you agree to invest some time throughout the year to complete surveys, participate in events and network with the vendor community.

Current Global Engaged Partners includes representatives from...

IABM's Vendor community consists of more than 600+ companies across the globe, representing practically all the leading technology suppliers in the industry – small, medium and large across every step of the content chain. Our aim is to bring the vendor and buyer communities together through a number of collaborative initiatives and activities so that each side can help the other understand the challenges they face in pursuing the new opportunities of the digital age.

The IABM Virtual World offers you:

IABM Virtual Product Showcase

A worldwide database of products and services:

  • A virtual tradeshow with everything in one place, easily searched
  • A one-stop-show to learn about new product releases, special offers and virtual demos

World-class Business Intelligence 
Trackers/industry trends/white papers; everything you need to help make the right decisions including:

IABM Cloud Report

Media Technology Trends Reports
Track the adoption of specific emerging technologies within the broadcast and media sector.

Audio technology report

Special Report - Audio Technology drivers of change
Enables companies to discover emerging trends in the audio technology sector, including buying, selling and technology development trends..

Adapt report

Special Report - Adapt for Change
Identifies major drivers of change in media technology business models including the move to next-generation content chains, flexible technology business models and collaborative technology business models.

On-demand and live video 
Covering everything from panel sessions on next-gen technologies to interviews with some of the biggest innovators in Broadcast and Media – all together in place:

In this IABM TV interview, Lorenzo Zanni (Head of Insight & Analysis, IABM) and Janne Yli-Äyhö (CTO, Technology & Development at YLE) discuss the latest technology trends and strategies.

In this on demand webcast, IABM and the DPP collaborated to put together a programme of broadcasters, production companies and vendors to respond to the thirst for experience and knowledge regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the media industry.

Make TV and ESL

Case study: Delivering live e-sports to global audiences in the cloud

Leading eSports business ESL and technology supplier Make.tv discuss how using the cloud is transforming live eSports production and distribution.

Innovators panel

Innovators' panel: creating new products and business models

A panel of innovators in media products, revenue, content, business models and technology explain how they make innovation happen.

Conde Nast

Building digital consumer products to maximise consumer engagement

Emmy award-nominated digital product specialist Navin Rizwi sets out what it means to build digital media products that engage effectively with consumers.

IABM virtual events 
A central listing of all virtual events to help you stay up to date and network

IABM Virtual Event

IABM is busy organizing an extensive series of BaM Online Summits ™ - virtual events around key industry themes – as well as a number of other virtual events.

IABM E-Learning Courses
A wide range of topics to keep you full engaged